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This 1TB SSD is one of the best around and it is just $116 for Black Friday

This 1TB SSD is one of the best around and it is just $116 for Black Friday
WD's Black SN750 1TB has never been priced lower than this deal. (Image credit: WD)

All things considered (price, performance, warranty), the WD SN750 is the best SSD for gaming in the realm of 1TB storage options. And that was before it received a Black Friday discount—it is now down to $115.99 at Best Buy, which is not only a fantastic price, it is also the cheapest this drive has ever been.

Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals

Black Friday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Black Friday bargains.

WD dragged its feet in getting into the high-speed SSD market, but when it finally got there, it made a splash. The SN750 is right up there with Samsung's zippy 970 Evo Plus, boasting up to 3,470MB/s of sequential read performance and up to 3,000MB/s of sequential write performance, while costing less.

This drive lists for $234.99, and while that is on the ambitious side of the pricing spectrum, it has typically sold for between $135 and $150 over the past few months. Now it is priced at an all-time low with this discount. If Best Buy runs out of stock, you can also snag it for $115.99 direct from Western Digital.

Fast and cheap storage

WD Black SN750 1TB SSD | NVMe | $234.99 $115.99 at Best Buy (save $119)
This 1TB PCIe SSD will deliver high-end storage performance, with a serious gobbet of game storing capacity. It's not going to hit the heights of PCIe 4.0 drives, but you'll struggle to find a comparative option with the space on offer to this WD SSD.

This drive uses in-house parts, including WD's own controller and Toshiba memory chips, the latter of which are essentially in-house after the acquisition of SanDisk/Toshiba memory division. That is a contributing factor as to why it competes so well against Samsung, and can price its fast drives lower than some of the competition.

There is also a version of this drive with a heatsink, which is what the rated speeds are based on. It is on sale as well, for $159.99. As long as your M.2 slot is not directly underneath your GPU, though, you should be fine with the cheaper, naked SKU.

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