These new fans are for builders who feel there's no such thing as too much RGB

Corsair iCue QL RGB fans
(Image credit: Corsair)

RGB lighting isn't going anywhere, that much is clear at this point. For those who want to embrace the trend with enthusiastic arms, Corsair's new iCue QL RGB fans offer a cool take on the aesthetic by ensuring the lighting shines can be viewed from all angles.

Part of that is because each fan is outfitted with 34 addressable LEDs, but they're configured in four different light loops—interior and exterior rings on both sides of the fan.

"No other RGB fan comes close to the brightness and vibrancy of QL RGB. With inner and outer light loops on both the front and back of the fan, it is uniquely capable of intricate, bright, and detailed lighting effects that impress from any angle, regardless of whether it’s used for intake or exhaust," Corsair says.

These fans also use semi-transparent blades to give the RGB lighting an easier time of shining through. An aluminum hub cover completes the look.

Corsair's offering its new fans in both 140mm and 120mm sizes. Pricing is as follows:

  • iCue QL120 RGB 120mm fan (single pack)—$44.99
  • iCue QL140 RGB 140mm fan (single pack)—$49.99
  • iCue QL120 RGB 120mm fan (triple pack)—$139.99
  • iCue QL140 RGB 140mm fan (twin pack)—$119.99

Both the twin and triple packs also come with Corsair's iCue Lighting Node Core controller. It supports up to six of the same RGB fans, which can then be controlled through the iCue utility.

The new fans are available now direct from Corsair. Whether there will be any Black Friday deals deals on these remains to be seen.

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