These Minecraft desert temple redesigns carry a threatening aura

Minecraft desert temple - TrixyBlox
(Image credit: TrixyBlox-Oscip)

Minecraft desert temples are a dangerous affair. Sure there's some amazing loot hidden inside, but you risk the chance of triggering a TNT pressure plate and getting blown to smithereens. For a structure that's supposed to strike fear into the hearts of treasure hunters, though, the vanilla desert temples in Minecraft look a little underwhelming. Thankfully, the Minecraft building community has once again stepped in with some truly amazing redesigns.

These desert temple revamps have blown the cobwebs off the temple's dusty tombs and made them look badass. Some have been redesigned to look like epic desert castles, others look just downright threatening. You won't catch me stepping a single foot inside regardless of what precious treasures lay beneath.

Together with the best Minecraft texture packs and Minecraft shaders, these redesigns are pretty incredible. I've listed my favourite desert temple redesigns below with a link to the builder that created them. The community has created plenty of spectacular Minecraft builds including some pretty epic underwater ocean bases,  J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, and the entire Breath of the Wild map.

(Image credit: TrixyBlox-Oscip)

Nothing says 'this place is dangerous, keep out' like a giant skull with flaming red eyes. This design by TrixyBlox has gone for the classic pyramid and has added some cool details on the two towers on either side. TrixyBlox has made some amazing builds over on their YouTube channel so check that out and remember to pick your jaw off the floor.

(Image credit: Superwan)

Superwan has given their temple a giant courtyard making it look more like a desert castle than just a temple. This build is great because you can still see inspirations from Mojang's original design in there, but blown up and with loads of extra detail.

(Image credit: TrixyBlox-Oscip)

The temple that started my obsession. This is TrixyBlox's second design on this list but this time has reimagined Minecraft's desert structure with black blocks and Egyptian iconography. It's pretty incredible and looks like it would make a great boss fight stage if Minecraft did bosses outside the Ender Dragon. TrixyBlox actually updated this temple recently and you can check that video out over on their YouTube channel.

(Image credit: andyisyoda / Stingintv)

The tier system in andyisyoda and Stingintv's design is what makes this build stand out. It looks like an entire city instead of a single structure, starting with villages at the bottom and ending with Mojang's original temple at the top.

(Image credit: Arcinturion)

Arcinturion's design has dropped the spooky vibe for a more regal temple look. The glowing blocks embedded in the structure make for a great design detail and the vegetation surrounding the build makes it look like it's part of the landscape. Arcinturion has made this build available for download so head on over to their Planet Minecraft page to check it out.

(Image credit: PixlPlex)

Having Mojang's original temple next to PixlPlex's 3:1 scale redesign really demonstrates the scale and size of the builds on this list. PixlPlex has kept closely to the original temple design but added their own flair, including their take on the two sinister towers and creepy skull.  The glow coming from just beyond the entrance is a nice touch.

(Image credit: lysxander)

What's cool about lysxander's desert temple is that we get to see both the inside and outside thanks for the video they uploaded. They've made really great use of the copper block (a new addition from the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update) and have moved the entrance higher so there's more space on the inside. It looks amazing, and when those cooper blocks start to oxidize, it'll give the temple a really cool old, weather-beaten look.


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