Thermaltake’s newest mechanical keyboard costs less than $4,500

(Image credit: Thermaltake)

Thermaltake is launching a new Level 20 GT RGB gaming keyboard ostensibly priced at $4,440, according to a figure that shows up when searching for the plank on Google.

Yes, that seems like an insanely high markup, but consider this: it has RGB lighting! Sure, so does practically every other gaming keyboard, but this one also has a grooved cutout betwixt the CTRL and arrow keys—finally, a place to store that new Apple credit card that won't ruin the titanium sheen like a leather wallet will. You can't put a price on that, folks!

Okay, maybe you can, and to Thermaltake's credit, even at $4,4400 the Level 20 GT RGB is less than its weight in gold (it weighs 1,500 grams, which is worth nearly $74,000 in gold).

Joking aside, the pricing information is obviously (hopefully?) way off, either by mistake or as a placeholder that, at the time of this writing, has not been fixed. For reference, the non-GT model sells for around $150.

The keyboard features a 2mm thick aluminum top plate, another telltale sign of a pricing typo—if it was really $4,440, I'd at expect actual silver, or at least aerospace grade aluminum.

Thermaltake's offering three different key switch types: Razer Green, Cherry MX Speed Silver, and Cherry MX Blue. Other features include dedicated media controls, USB passthrough, and support for Amazon's Alexa voice service.

There's no mention of when the Level 20 GT RGB will be available, but if it does debut at $4,440, you may want to see if it goes on sale this holiday season. Or spend over four grand on literally anything else.

You probably won't have to make that decision, though. According to Vortez, the Razer Green model will debut for much more reasonable $159 AUD, the Cherry MX Blue for $179 AUD, and the Cherry MX Speed Silver for $189 AUD (€149.90).

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