The Walking Dead Season 2 to be released this month, Telltale confirm Omid's return

A horde is approaching. No, put down your pipes, it's not the undead. Instead, we're strengthening the barricades against the incoming emotional onslaught of The Walking Dead's second season. With its announcement details already dispatched, Telltale have now tweeted to confirm that the first episode will release this month. Called "All That Remains", a teaser image shows another familiar face now accompanies Clementine.

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Through frankly irresponsible levels of zooming and enhancement, I've been able to discern the following exclusive details:

  • Clem and Omid are at Gil's Pitstop, the central location of Season 1's 400 Days DLC.

  • One, both or neither of them may need the toilet.

  • Christa is not in the picture, not even peeking out from behind the abandoned car.

  • Omid hasn't washed his shirt for some time.

For season 2, you'll be playing as Clementine, and enacting the apocalyptic life-lessons taught by Lee Everett throughout the last season. That'll be an interesting switch: where once you were a capable and reluctant leader, now you're inherently more vulnerable - less equipped for kicking a zombie to death in the face. Moreover, if you're playing as Clementine throughout, it'll be a big shift in how other characters and groups respond to you as a player.

The Walking Dead Season 2 will cost £19 / $25. Here's the trailer:

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