The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided out in early March

The Walking Dead season two's debut episode All That Remains was released on December 17, and it looks like the follow-up will arrive under the three month mark. We don't have an exact release date quite yet, but Telltale announced on its official Twitter account that episode two, A House Divided, will arrive in early March.

Telltale's other episodic adventure, The Wold Among Us, has been coming along more slowly than the developer would have liked, with four months between its first and second episode . Thankfully, The Walking Dead seems to be right on track. And while we still don't have a hard date, the tweet is at least a little more specific than Telltale's previous tease on February 2 , saying the next episode was "just around the corner." It's almost like they know we're desperate.

In the second season of The Walking Dead, you play as 11-year-old Clementine, picking up 16 months after the heart-wrenching finale of the first season. Our review of All That Remains found that it set the stage for some great character development, but that the 90 minute episode lacked payoff. Hopefully, A House Divided will remedy that.