The Walking Dead Episode Five trailer shows climactic conflict, dramatic declarations

The Walking Dead Episode Five

Clementine will survive. I will rescue her no matter the cost . She will surmount this nightmare—oh, sorry. This trailer for the November 21 season finale of Telltale's excellent Walking Dead series cranked my inner Lee into overdrive. Of course, the actual Lee isn't any different, exhibiting near-reckless abandon as he pursues the mysterious man from the radio in what Telltale calls "most depressingly emotional, intense, traumatic, and carnage-filled episode of the season." The remaining survivors carry their own burdensome issues threatening to split apart the fragile camaraderie like a freshly bisected zombie noggin. And that annoying train is still around. Choices: A peaceful Thanksgiving dinner or a glimpse into humanity's post-apocalyptic inhumanity?

Omri Petitte

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