The Town of Light sidesteps jump scares by retelling real life events

LKA's The Town of Light first came to PC last year, however it's also in-line for an Enhanced Edition on June 6. Last week the developer marked the occasion by unveiling the above live-action trailer that showcases the abandoned Volterra asylum—the game's setting—as it appears in real life today. 

In the run up to the narrative exploration game's Enhanced Edition launch, we recently published the first and second parts of a three-part series—which explores the game's iconic asylum setting, how it was researched and designed, and how it handles issues of mental health with sensitivity. 

Today, we have the third and final instalment of the series, within which environmental artist Lorenzo Conticelli explains how he and his team eschewed jump scares while portraying its sense of terror by instead relying on the fundamental horror of the asylum's real life stories. 

Conticelli also explains the relevance and significance of the protagonist's china doll against the magnitude of the game's mental institution setting. 

The Town of Light is out now on the Humble Store for £13.99/$18.99. Its enhanced edition on PC is due June 6, 2017.

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