The Town of Light talks atmosphere, environments and handling mental health with sensitivity

LKA's chilling exploration narrative game The Town of Light came to PC last year, however is set to launch an enhanced edition in-line with its console debut later this year. 

In a three-part series of interviews sent exclusively to PC Gamer, the developer's artist and environmental artist Lorenzo Conticelli explains how he and his team designed the game's asylum setting—a recreation of the real-life Volterra in Italy—and how it tells its fictional tale against the horrifying truth and history of the now shut down mental health institution. 

Part one of three sees Conticelli focus on how the game's audio and sound helped shape the environment, and how LKA aimed to shock by remaining faithful to fact, while also being sensitive to such delicate and personal issues.

The Town of Light is out now on the Humble Store for £13.99/$18.99. Its enhanced edition on PC is due later this year.

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