The Town of Light on researching its sensitive themes and Volterra asylum setting

LKA's narrative-leaning exploration games The Town of Light arrived on PC in 2016, however will launch an enhanced edition at some point later this year. To this end, we published the first of a three-part series last week which explores how the game's iconic asylum setting was designed and how it handles issues of mental health with sensitivity. 

Today, we have part two of the interview trilogy presented by the game's artist and environmental artist Lorenzo Conticelli. Within, Conticelli explores the meticulous research that went into crafting its videogame interpretation of the Volterra asylum and how Luca, the game's screenwriter, took the lead in digging into the controversial setting's history. 

So as to portray the setting as accurately as possible, LKA consulted with psychiatrists, psychologists and former employees who worked in the now shuttered institution.

The Town of Light is out now on the Humble Store for £13.99/$18.99. Its enhanced edition on PC is due later this year.

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