The Survivalists is a survival sandbox follow-up to The Escapists

The Survivalists, Team 17's follow-up to The Escapists, was announced during Nintendo's indie showcase, but it's also coming to PC. Set in the same universe as a jailbreak sandbox, this one's a co-op survival game with players stranded on an island. Give the announcement trailer a watch above. 

It seems a bit like the kind of thing you'd make before you embarked on a less well-trodden game premise like a prison break. The aesthetic has evolved, but my impressions from the trailer and the Steam page is that it's pretty conventional. 

You need to hunt for food, build a home and sometimes raid temples for loot, and you can craft everything from a boring axe to a tasty smoothie. If you need a hand, you can team up with up to three mates, and if you're a misanthrope you can instead recruit monkeys and make them fight and build for you. An army of monkeys? I take everything I said before back. 

The implication is that the monkeys are your friends, but I've never asked my friends to build me a house while I kick back with a smoothie. Clearly these monkeys have been tricked. Also, looting ancient temples? I'm starting to think there's a good reason we've been dumped on this island. 

The Survivalists is due out next year.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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