The Surge reveals A Walk in the Park DLC

In his review earlier this year, Jody struggled with The Surge—and while I got on better with it myself, I did feel restricted by its at times overly linear junkyard setting. Announced today, A Walk in the Park marks the mech brawler RPG's first major expansion that's due in December and is "more open and colorful, though no less deadly."

Said to give players a "breath of fresh air", A Walk in the Park takes players to CREO World—an amusement park originally designed for the organisation and their families. Now, as I'm sure you've guessed, it's a deathtrap, filled with "raging" mascots, "insane" roaming rescue teams, and "fearsome" bosses.  

Furthermore, the theme park's layout is more complex than what we've seen so far, comprised of branching paths which can either be used to your benefit or put you on the back foot when going toe-to-toe with foes. 

No moving pictures for the forthcoming DLC just yet, however here's a handful of images:

The Surge's A Walk in the Park DLC is without a hard release date, but is due at some stage in December.