The Surge, a sci-fi Souls-like, gets a new trailer

Lords of the Fallen was a reasonably satisfying Dark Souls clone, and at a time when the supply of new Dark Souls games might have dried up, clones are all we have. Studio Deck13 has a new action RPG in development called The Surge, and it's a sci-fi take on the formula. The trailer below is the latest footage, aired at the PC Gaming Show during E3.

Dan Griliopoulos saw a bit of the game earlier this year, confirming that it is, indeed, a Souls-like. "Combat is very Dark Soulsy, with a nasty twist or two," he wrote. "First, surprisingly for the future, the game is entirely close-combat focused, complete with dodges and clearly-telegraphed attacks."

The Surge will release some time in 2017.

Shaun Prescott

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