The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is live now, with a twist

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale has kicked off, once again taking a comically oversized knife to the prices of thousands of games. We're heading into the Year of the Pig, which officially begins on February 5, but the sale will run until February 11. 

To start the Year of the Pig, Steam's giving everyone a discount worth $5 on 'qualifying' purchases over $30. It's a one-off and limited to one cart purchase per account. Check here for more details on the discount. 

Anything you buy during the sale will also net you tokens, which you can then redeem at the Rewards Booth, linked above, for more $5 discount coupons, badges and profile backgrounds. 

On February 8, the results of the Steam Awards will be announced during a live Steam TV broadcast. Voting took place during the Steam Winter Sale, with millions of people sending their favourite games some love. What did you lot vote for?  

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

Fraser is the UK online editor and has actually met The Internet in person. With over a decade of experience, he's been around the block a few times, serving as a freelancer, news editor and prolific reviewer. Strategy games have been a 30-year-long obsession, from tiny RTSs to sprawling political sims, and he never turns down the chance to rave about Total War or Crusader Kings. He's also been known to set up shop in the latest MMO and likes to wind down with an endlessly deep, systemic RPG. These days, when he's not editing, he can usually be found writing features that are 1,000 words too long or talking about his dog.