The Steam Holiday Sale continues with The Evil Within, Far Cry 4, and X-Com

Steam Holiday Sale

It's December 24, and for the benefit of those of you who've managed to hang on to some small amount of pocket change during this time of festive extravagance, I am here like an overweight guy in a red coat coming down the proverbial chimney to remind you that the Steam Holiday Sale is still going strong.

There's not a whole lot happening today, so let's turn our attention for a moment to today's Steam sale Daily Deals:

  • Plague Inc. Evolved: $10
  • Life is Feudal: $27
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV: $18
  • Far Cry 4: $48
  • X-Com: Enemy Unknown: $7.50
  • The Evil Within: $20
  • Terraria: $2
  • Lords of the Fallen: $20
  • Gauntlet: $10

There are plenty of other ways to spend your money, as you'd expect from a Steam sale, including yesterday's deals, which are still available today (but probably won't be tomorrow), and 12-hour deals on Magicka, Talisman Digital Edition, Natural Selection, Supreme Ruler Ultimate, Car Mechanic Simulator Complete Edition 2014, and Sanctum 2. The 2014 Steam Holiday Sale runs until 10 am PST on January 2.

Andy Chalk

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