The split-radiator Grand Kama Cross 3 is an insane-looking CPU cooler

Kama Cross 3

Japanese company Scythe has announced the third version of its crazy-looking Grand Kama Cross CPU cooler. The split design allows cooling of both the CPU and surrounding components at the same time.

Two of the regular 6mm copper heatpipes from the Grand Kama Cross 2 have been replaced with 8mm ones in the center with a slanted design, which hold up the fins in the V-shape you can see in the images. The design lifts up the cooler, allowing more room for taller heatsinks on other components. In the Grand Kama Cross 3, Scythe put extra emphasis on the heat transfer between the heatpipes and the base plate.

Scythe’s new design has also supposedly reduced both air resistance and fan noise at higher fan speeds. The fan itself is the same one that was used in the previous model. It’s a 140mm GlideStream axial fan, which moves between 29.9 and 97.2 CFM of air between its speed ranges of 400 to 1,300 RPM. Scythe says that the noise levels range from 12.5 to 30.7 dBA.

Kama Cross 3 2

The Grand Kama Cross 3 weighs just a little more than the second version, at 790g, but it’s slightly smaller, with dimensions of 171 x 147 x 140mm. The older version weighed 760g, with dimensions of 175.2 x 140 x 140mm.

Scythe says that the Grand Kama Cross 3 will cost €37 ($42) excluding tax. That’s pretty cheap, and if you’re into this sort of thing, it’ll look great (or, at least, intimidating) through your PC case’s window.