The Sims 4 will let you show off your Mass Effect obsession

Mass Effect x The Sims 4 crossover.
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The N7 celebrations are over, but your Sims don't have to know that. As part of BioWare's annual commemoration of all things Mass Effect, The Sims 4 is getting some themed goodies.

A post on BioWare's blog announced the collaboration, writing that "a few folks at BioWare and Maxis came together with their mutual love for Mass Effect and The Sims 4 to make a little something they wanted to give to fans of both franchises." The items will be included with the base game for free in an update arriving on November 17. 

It's mostly wearable bits and pieces, with, of course, a lot of N7 motifs: it's been whacked on a black beanie, black baseball cap and a black t-shirt. There's even an N7 tattoo if you really want your Sims to show their love and dedication to the sci-fi RPG series. There's also an Andromeda Initiative logo tee from the titular game, if you're all N7'd out. I will be over here quietly expressing my disappointment at the severe lack of Garrus-themed items. Not even the Garrus body pillow, BioWare?

It's nice to see some more wearable crossover pieces for The Sims 4, considering a lot of them feel very costumey—looking at you, Star Wars and Final Fantasy 15. It was a bit of a quieter N7 Day overall, though there was a tasty little audio surprise in a teaser. With the help of some track duplication and inversion, one fan managed to decode a secret N7 Day message from what sounds a helluva lot like Liara T'Soni. 


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