The Sims 4 looks like the perfect home for Seinfeld and friends

The Sims 4 and Seinfeld share one thing in common: they're not really about anything. So it's no surprise that one Sims player has recreated the cast and set of the '90s TV series in Maxis' new simulator. The images below come courtesy of Imgur user IanRoach , and will surely please anyone with a love for things about nothing.

It's striking how accurate Jerry Seinfeld's apartment is in the below photos, but more eerie is how lifelike Elaine's model is. While Jerry, George and Kramer are only vaguely recognisable, Elaine is a dead ringer for Julia Louis-Dreyfus. A cameo by Jackie Chiles is the only thing missing here.

If Seinfeld isn't funny enough for you, then maybe a bit of toilet humour is better suited.

Check out the full gallery on IanRoach's Imgur page . Thanks Kotaku .

Shaun Prescott

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