The Sims 4 to end 32-bit support, but a new Legacy Edition is coming this summer

The Sims 4 will stop supporting PCs with 32-bit operating systems in June, the development team has announced—but players with older systems will still be able to play thanks to a new Legacy Edition coming the same month.

"We regularly evaluate our technologies, and to continue growing, improving, and optimizing the game, we have made the decision to retire 32-bit support," the team said on EA's website

Anyone that can't upgrade to a 64-bit OS will be able to download The Sims 4: Legacy Edition and their save game files will transfer over, but the edition won't get any updates or bug fixes in the future. Release is "tentatively planned" for June, at the same time as 32-bit support ends.

The new edition won't support any game or stuff packs released after February 26 of this year—if you want access to those, you'll have to upgrade your OS.

Online features such as the gallery, game banners, and social integrations will also be disabled on the legacy edition, the team said. 

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