The Sims 4 adds new items to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Happy year of the Pig! May all sim babies born under this sign have beautiful personalities and good fortune in life. (Hopefully they don't grow up to be criminal masterminds who make their parents wonder where they went wrong.)

In celebration, The Sims 4 released a new update with Lunar New Year items yesterday. The update includes festive outfits for all ages, new decor items like lanterns, a cute panda toddler toy, red envelops stuffed with Simoleons and good luck, and of course a pig statue with an infectious smile.

I checked in with my Sims over at Sim Quentin to see if the warden granted the inmates a reprieve from a hard life of laundry and cleaning their own toilets. Turns out, the warden is an OK decorator.

Some of the added items can't be accessed unless your sims have a certain skill level. Cooking Vegetable Dumplings takes a cooking skill level of 1, but Mud Carp requires at least one sim in your household to have a cooking level of 7. The new kumquat tree (or Lucky Citrus Tree of the Moon, as its called) is a standard decor item that costs a mere 50 Simoleons, but you can't harvest it nor the red envelops attached to it. (Money doesn't grow on trees. Oh, wait...) The pig statues are small, so if you want to make them larger just resize them accordingly.

The Lunar New Year items are free additions to the base Sims 4 game, so just log in, wait for the update to finish, then get to decorating.

Joanna Nelius
When Joanna's not writing about gaming desktops, cloud gaming, or other hardware-related things, she's doing terrible stuff in The Sims 4, roleplaying as a Malkavian, or playing horror games that would give normal people nightmares. She also likes narrative adventures.