The Signal from Tölva showcases first in-game footage

Big Robot—the team responsible for 2014's open world survival game Sir, You Are Being Hunted—is hard at work on its next project: The Signal from Tölva. First teased in August, the non-scripted first-person space shooter tasks players with identifying a mysterious frequency, while simultaneously surveying a foreign planet. It's now teased some extended developer-led in-game footage which offers a bit more in its premise. 

"When you're not exploring the ruins of alien spacecraft for the origins of the signal," explains the developer's Jim Rossignol, "you're going to be fighting enemy factions for control of various locations across the world. The faction you're working with already has a strong presence on the planet, but it's up to you to expand that influence and expand their resources to uncover the secrets of the signal. Rival factions are here too, and they're going to be working against you."

The following footage shows that in practice, while also touching upon some of Tölva's more sophisticated mechanics. Look out for the robot-directing Command Module that features around the 4.50 mark. 

Towards the end of the video, Rossignol stresses there's more to The Signal from Tölva than combat, however it's already piqued my interest from the little we've seen so far. It's not due until some point next year, however you might like to check out Andy's conversation with the developer before then.