The Resident Evil 2 remake is getting an official typewriter-themed keyboard

Capcom is releasing an Umbrella Corporation-themed keyboard to coincide with the launch of the Resident Evil 2 remake. Kotaku reports that the USB keyboard will cost 75,000 yen (about $675/£530), and carry Lexington branding. It's a pretty-looking thing that I will never own.  

Fans of the Resident Evil games, of course, will remember that typewriters were once the series' traditional save game mechanism. That was until Resident Evil 5 introduced autosaving, which is probably the real reason that some fans think it marked the point that the mainline series got too far from its horror-based origins, until last year's Resident Evil 7. So far, it looks like the typewriter is just on-sale in Japan, through Capcom's official store. The American store, sadly, just has t-shirts for sale.

Resident Evil 2's remake is out January 25, 2019. Make sure you check out the gameplay footage revealed back at E3—it's pretty serious-looking stuff compared to the slightly cheesy (but still scary) original. If it's a success, Capcom plans on exploring more remakes to classic games, which I guess is where I place my vote for PS2 classics like Onimusha 2 and God Hand.  

Samuel Roberts
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