The psychological horror game Layers of Fear is free on Steam

Layers of Fear is a first-person horror game about an artist struggling with fading fame and fortune (and madness) in the wake of great personal tragedy. It's a promising premise that doesn't quite live up to its potential: As we said in our 2016 review, its "a curious but unsurprising narrative" that forgoes psychological subtlety for in-your-face horror tropes. Good but not great—but better right now, because it's free. 

To claim the game, just nip over to Steam and click the "Play Game" button to add it to your library. It's not clear how long the game will be free, but if you grab it while it is, it's yours to keep forever. And an awful lot of people appear to be picking it up: From out of nowhere (a peak concurrent player count of 139 last month), Layers of Fear is currently sitting at number four on the Steam Top 100 list. That's probably not going to last, so I took a picture.

Andy Chalk

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