The Overwatch Baptiste Challenge puts a new skin, icon, and sprays up for grabs

Yesterday's release of a new Overwatch short story about Baptiste had me wondering if perhaps a new in-game event similar to Ana's Bastet Challenge would follow. Today we have our answer: Yes. 

Running until July 1, Baptiste's Reunion Challenge will grant Overwatch players an icon, sprays, and a new skin for playing and watching the game. Three wins in Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade will get you a new icon of Baptiste'e helmet; six wins will score two new sprays, one of Baptiste and one of his old friend Mauga; and for nine wins, you'll be rewarded with the Combat Medic Baptiste Skin, the crown jewel of the set.

Watching participating Twitch streamers will net you more sprays: The Getaway spray for two hours, the Analyst Nguyen and Old Buddies sprays for four hours, and So Fresh, Working Vacation, and So Done for six hours. You'll need to have your Twitch and Blizzard accounts linked in order to claim the rewards, and all Baptiste Challenge rewards will come on top of whatever you'd normally earn for playing.

The full schedule of eligible Overwatch streams, and other relevant details (although that's pretty much it, really—play the game, watch the streams, get the stuff) is available at  And here's that lovely new skin:

Andy Chalk

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