The next Spiders game is about the French Revolution, but with robots

Spiders, the company behind Greedfall and Mars: War Logs, unveiled its new project today during the Nacon Connect online event. It's called SteelRising, and it asks a very Spiders kind of question: What if the French Revolution was fought by robots?

In SteelRising, you'll play as Aegis, the automaton bodyguard of Marie Antoinette, who has been ordered to seek out its creator in order to end the massacres being carried out by the robot army of King Louis XVI. It will be a more action-focused game than Spider's previous RPGs, we're told, with an increased focus on verticality and integrated level design to avoid jarring transitions from exploration to combat.

Aegis has a range of melee weapons, "alchemical rifles," and heavier weapons integrated into her body, which can be replaced or upgraded through the game through a range of unique side quests. 

"It's a world we've tried to make as deep and varied as possible," Spiders co-founder Jehanne Roussea said during the presentation.

A release date hasn't been announced. A website is supposed to be up at, but it doesn't appear to be live just yet, so for now you can follow along on Twitter

Andy Chalk

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