The next Overwatch animated short will debut next week


Blizzard released the first Overwatch animated short earlier this month, and it was really quite impressive. It shone a bit of light onto the origins of Winston, the brilliant, Beast-like scientist who packs a ferocious punch, and maybe—probably—possibly contained a few secrets, too. Soon, fans will be able to start digging for more, as Blizzard has announced that the next episode, “Alive,” will debut on April 3.

“'Alive' weaves a tale of Widowmaker, the peerless Talon assassin who stalks her prey with deadly efficiency,” Blizzard wrote. “In this episode, we spend a fateful night in London's King's Row—where you'll discover how one death can change everything.”

We were first introduced to Widowmaker last summer: She's a sniper, equipped with a proximity mine and a grappling hook, whose ultimate enables her to see through walls. She's also a member of Overwatch bad-guy outfit Talon, although not voluntarily, a fact that may well play a central role in her video.

Alive will premiere at 12 pm PT, exclusively at

Andy Chalk

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