The new Hong Kong Massacre trailer shows a top-down John Woo-style killfest

Back in April of 2014, Vreski released a "prototype trailer" for the succinctly-titled, top-down shooter The Hong Kong Massacre. Three and a half years later, there's still no release date in sight, but a new trailer released today to announce a PS4 version very clearly shows that the project has come a long way since, and is looking cool like a liquid nitrogen chaser.

By all appearances, The Hong Kong Massacre is Hotline Miami by way of John Woo, with plenty of akimbo pistol wielding, sparks, smoke, and detritus flying everywhere, dudes blasting away at each other through walls and windows, and slow, serene clips of life in the city at night: Cold rain and hard people, driven to their destinies by the unseen, unyielding hand of fate. Mournful music plays. Eyes dart, as a baby cries. Then, silence. A dove flutters aloft. 


(I didn't actually see any doves in the trailer, but Vreski knows the score.) 

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The Hong Kong Massacre isn't listed anywhere yet, but there's a minimalist web page up at, and a not-very-regularly-updated devlog available at TIGSource.

Andy Chalk

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