The car in Rocket League's next Rocket Pass looks cool, rest of it is so-so

Rocket League Season 3 Battle Pass car.
(Image credit: Psyonix)
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I wasn't into the R3mix car body in Rocket League's Season 2 Rocket Pass, so I skipped the premium track and used my Epic class action settlement credits to buy that annoying goal explosion that blows everyone up with missiles. Sorry for being that guy. (It could be worse, I could've bought the Ford F-150.)

I think I'll struggle to resist the upcoming Season 3 Rocket Pass premium track, though. I really like the new car body, Tyranno, which has the Dominus hitbox. I especially like the stupid Tyranno variant and decal Psyonix shows off on the Season 3 Rocket Pass page (opens in new tab)—the one in the gallery below, which looks like it was designed to hurt our eyes by the dark lord of chromatic aberration. 

That appears to be a Tyranno variant with the Huntress decal and some new wheels—it's horrible stuff that will make me stand out in the worst way, which is often what I want in Rocket League. 

The only thing I don't particularly like about the Tyranno is the logo on the grill, which is obscured by the cowl-like hood in most of the screenshots. When you can see it, it's a glowing 'T' that looks similar to the Tesla logo, which doesn't feel right for something powered by rocket fuel. That quibble aside, it's a nice-looking pretend vehicle that I will stupidly spend real money on.

For Season 3, Psyonix hasn't put up individual images of each premium Rocket Pass tier reward, instead grouping ten tiers at a time into screenshots. Nothing other than the Tyranno stands out to me, really. The theme is racing (NASCAR and Formula 1 bundles are coming in May) and so you'll see stuff like a checkered flag rocket boost and another that ejects orange cones from your car ('tiny object poop' boosts are my least favorite).

There's a checkered flag goal explosion, too, but it is nowhere near as good as the Air Strike goal explosion that keeps blowing you up with missiles thanks to annoying people like me. You can get a closer look at Tyranno and other Season 3 Rocket Pass rewards in the video below. As always, the premium Rocket Pass track costs 1,000 Credits (about $10).

Rocket League Season 3 starts on April 7. Aside from the new Rocket Pass, it introduces new challenges and resets competitive rankings, as usual. I'll see you in the Snow Day ranking matches next week, if hockey is also your preferred rocket car sport. I look forward to floating around in Diamond for another full season.

Tyler Wilde
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