The Light Keeps Us Safe offers a 'procedurally-generated apocalypse' and is coming this year

Big Robot, the studio behind The Signal From Tölva and Sir, You Are Being Hunted, has revealed its next project. Named The Light Keeps Us Safe, it's billed as a "procedurally-generated apocalypse" with "unique light-based interactions and challenges." It also has an Early Access launch date: October 11.

And, look, a trailer:

With its sci-fi themes and aggressive machine-like aggressors, The Light Keeps Us Safe appears to echo both of Big Robot's most recent games. The studio's penchant for foreboding, ominous scenarios is reflected above, and its "sprawling world of stealth, survival and exploration" looks terrifying. 

Despite its flaws, I loved Sir, You Are Being Hunted's pervasive sense of dread. Between the trailer above and its Steam page rundown, it looks like The Light Keeps Us Safe could pull from Sir's best bits.   

"The sky has flickered and gone out," so reads the game's Steam blurb. "Only can The Light keeps us safe. And you can't stay down there in the depths of the bunker. The food is gone and the power can't last much longer, either. Those things out there in the dark will only take so long to find their way in... It's time to go outside and face what's waiting for you out there. Maybe then you can go into The Light, like the others."

Again, The Light Keeps Us Safe enters Steam's Early Access initiative on October 11, 2018. 

Disclosure: Big Robot's Jim Rossignol worked for PC Gamer until 2010.