Every safe code location in The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us Part 1 safe codes - Joel and Ellie are in a vehicle with Joel driving and Ellie looking out the window
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The safe codes found in The Last of Us Part 1 are easy to miss, especially as they're not always close to the safe they open. It's made even harder because you've got to keep a constant lookout for infected. The rewards are mostly worth it though, and you'll get parts, ammo, and other useful items for your trouble.

There are four safes to find and open, and while the code combinations for each can be found somewhere nearby, you won't actually need to find the items to unlock the corresponding safe as you did in the original. You only need to know the number, saving you some time if you're in a hurry to grab the goodies. If you're ready to get cracking, here are The Last of Us safe codes, including the locations of the items on which the combinations are found. 

The Last of Us Part 1 safe codes 

If you're not bothered about finding each of the safe combinations and would rather save yourself some time and input the codes directly, you can find them below. Just be aware that you'll miss out on artifacts if you skip them.

Here are the four The Last of Us safe code combinations:

  • The Outskirts safe code: 03-43-78
  • Bill's Town safe code: 05-17-21
  • Pittsburgh safe code: 22-10-56
  • The Suburbs safe code: 08-21-36

The Last of Us Outskirts safe code location

  • The Outskirts safe code: 03-43-78

The safe and code are both found in the Downtown section of the Outskirts, inside two darkened shops in the subway. A shop on the left side contains the safe code: you can find the piece of paper it's written on in a drawer behind the counter. 

On the other hand, the safe is inside a shop on the right side of the subway, almost opposite the one with the code. There are quite a few infected around, and you're going to have to take out at least one of them to access the safe here, which is found beneath the counter in this shop. 

The Last of Us Bill's Town safe code location

  • Bill's Town safe code: 05-17-21

Once you reach Bill's Town and arrive at an overgrown street with abandoned shops after lifting Ellie over the fence, look for the eatery on the corner with the roof over the entrance. You'll find the safe on the grass to the right, near a red pickup truck.

The code to open this safe is a little further down the road, just past the RV at the end. The piece of paper it's written on is attached to the barbed wire fence here. 

The Last of Us Pittsburgh safe code location

  • Pittsburgh safe code: 22-10-56

The code for this safe is a little trickier to locate. Once you reach the hotel and enter the flooded lobby, wade through the water to the left of the main stairs and look for a ladder propped up on your left. Pick up the ladder and head back towards the staircase, and use the ladder on the wall directly ahead. Once up the ladder, head right across the narrow ledge and look for the paper on the floor on the other side.

Thankfully, the safe is also in the lobby. Head back towards the window you entered through and head left until you reach the counter. Go behind here and look for an open door, and you'll find the safe on the ground, just inside and to the left. 

The Last of Us Suburbs safe code location

  • The Suburbs safe code: 08-21-36

The last safe and its code are both found inside a white house with a red cross painted on the outside, near the ice cream truck. Head inside and climb the stairs to the top floor. Find the matchbook with the code in the room found here.

Now for the safe. Head down one flight of stairs and go into the master bedroom on the left. You'll find the safe here on your right as you enter. 

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