The Jackbox Party Pack is the next free game from the Epic Games Store

I’ve never played a Jackbox game—I don’t trust mirth—but I do like free things, and Epic will be giving the original Jackbox Party Pack away for free on January 24. You’ll only have until February 7 to pick it up, but all the time in the world to try and find some real human friends to play it with. 

Like What Remains of Edith Finch, all you’ll need is an Epic account, which you might already have, and you’ll net yourself the game. It’s a compilation of games, really, and includes You Don’t Know Jack, Drawful, Word Spud, Lie Swatter and Fibbage. 

Jackbox games can be played using phones, tablets or your PC as a controller, with each player connecting to the game from their device. You Don't Know Jack can be played with up to four players, while Lie Swatter goes up to 100. I definitely couldn't fit 100 people in my flat, let alone the same room, so that sounds a bit ambitious.

If you’ve not picked up What Remains of Edith Finch yet, you have until January 25. 

Cheers, Eurogamer

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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