The HyperX Cloud Alpha is still an excellent headset, and now it's only $60

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is still an excellent headset, and now it's only $60
Save $40 on a supremely comfortable and great sounding headset. (Image credit: HyperX)

For a long time, we ranked the HyperX Cloud Alpha at the top of our list of best gaming headsets, and it was not until Razer's Blackshark V2 came along that it was finally dethroned. Even so, the Cloud Alpha remains an amazingly good headset, and we can wholeheartedly recommend buying it on sale for $59.99.

That is the sale price over at Best Buy, which is $40 below its MSRP, and $30 less than the discounted cost at Amazon currently. And it is worth every penny, despite there now being newer models, like the Cloud Alpha II (on sale for $79.99, down from $99.99) and Cloud Alpha S (on sale for $99.99, down from $129.99).

Hyper Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset |$99.99$59.99 at Best Buy (save $40)
Awesome headset at...

Hyper Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset | $99.99 $59.99 at Best Buy (save $40)
It was not that long ago when we considered this the best gaming headset around, for its balance of comfort, sound quality, durability, and price. While there are newer headsets, the value proposition with this deal is tough to beat.

When we reviewed the Cloud Alpha back in 2018, we said "there's no better gaming headset around," a strong opinion held up by the headset's excellent range and comfort. One thing in particular that stood out was its ability to delivery punchy bass that does not come at the expense of detail further up the EQ range, which is not something every gaming headset can boast.

We also lauded the feel of the padded earcups and headband, the latter of which is slightly wider than the previous model, and relatively lightweight design. You can don the Cloud Alpha for hours on end and feel virtually no worse for wear. The only thing you might notice is that the leatherette contact points around the ear lend themselves to being warmer than more breathable designs.

Still, the comfort level is high, as is the durability and of course the sound quality. The only thing not high is the price.

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