The GOG Summer Sale 2017 starts today, get 2 free games [Updated]

Update: GOG has announced an additional freebie which will be thrown in when you make purchases during the Summer Sale. If you spend over $10, you get Alan Wake's American Nightmare for free, on top of getting a copy of Rebel Galaxy with your first purchase. If you've already spent $10, the offer is retroactive and you should soon get your copy.

Original Story: 

Things are hotting up, if you're in the northern hemisphere at least, and summer is here. As we all know by now, summer means sales, and the GOG Summer Sale is now on

Over 1,500 games on the GOG store are on sale, and you can get up to 90 percent off across a massive range of games. Plus, with your first purchase you get the game Rebel Galaxy for absolutely free. 

Some highlights include:

There's a whole bunch more too, so check out the sale to see if anything tickles your fancy. The discounts last until June 20, so you've got two whole weeks to take advantage of the deals before they go away. 

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