The Fridge is Red, and you can try its surreal retro scares with a free demo

Sure, The Fridge is Red—but that's by far not the strangest thing going on in this psychadelic PS1-style horror from 5WORD Team, even if it's what they've chosen to name the thing.

Retro spooks are everywhere these days, and while The Red Door doesn't look to break the mould too much, it's certainly shaping up to be a shining example of it. Throughout haunted graveyards, sterile hospitals and somewhat unholy church halls, you're given a tour of frightfully familiar environments, rendered as usual in that creepy vertex-wobbling PS1 style.

The developer notes that The Fridge is Red features "experimental gameplay", which should hopefully give a bit more character to these surrealist, spooky environments. At the very least, sticking an elevator button into a human eyeball and listening to it squirm in upsetting enough, and appears to be par for the course inside the Red Fridge.

The Fridge is Red is coming to Steam near the end of this year, but has a free demo to download and try right now.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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