The first 20 minutes of Mirror's Edge Catalyst is now online

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out on June 7, just five days from now—unless, as we learned a couple weeks ago, you're an Origin Access subscriber, in which case you can start digging into the “Play First Trial” version of the game right now. Right now! For those who are not, or who maybe just don't have the time to get into it at this very moment, there's a Plan B: Arekkz Gaming has posted the first 20 minutes of gameplay on YouTube, so you can just sit back and watch. 

The trial version on Origin Access is limited to six hours of total play, with access to ten missions across two city districts. That's somewhat less generous than the trial versions of Need for Speed and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, but on the other hand it's not costing you anything more than the $5 monthly subscription fee for Access. I won't say it's a good deal, but I will say that if I was an Origin Access subscriber, I'd be playing some Catalyst tonight. 

As for the video, it includes the opening cinematic, a few cut scenes and such, and so if you're at all concerned about spoilers, you'll want to avoid it. Fortunately for those who do want to see it, the YouTube guy says his piece at the beginning and then goes away, so the narrative bits aren't interrupted by commentary. 

We got some hands-on time of our own with Mirror's Edge Catalyst last month, which you can read here. Find out more about what's coming at

Andy Chalk

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