The Escapists channels Bond, James Bond for its latest DLC

The Escapists Bond DLC

The Escapists is getting some new DLC, and despite this weekend, it's not Halloween-themed. No, it's James Bond-themed, probably to tie in with that film that's just come out. You know the one. Unlike The Escapists: The Walking Dead, it's not an official James Bond thing, but yeah, it's called Duct Tapes are Forever, and it asks you to plot your escape from a supervillain's underground lair.

Duct Tapes Are Forever. What a bafflingly bad pun. But the trailer is cute:

There are a few new achievements, and leaderboards too, but this DLC is all about the new level, which will set you back £2.99 / $4.49 / €3,99 on November 3.

Tom Sykes

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