The Escapists channels Bond, James Bond for its latest DLC

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The Escapists Bond DLC

The Escapists (opens in new tab) is getting some new DLC, and despite this weekend, it's not Halloween-themed. No, it's James Bond-themed, probably to tie in with that film that's just come out. You know the one. Unlike The Escapists: The Walking Dead (opens in new tab), it's not an official James Bond thing, but yeah, it's called Duct Tapes are Forever, and it asks you to plot your escape from a supervillain's underground lair.

Duct Tapes Are Forever. What a bafflingly bad pun. But the trailer is cute:

There are a few new achievements, and leaderboards too, but this DLC is all about the new level, which will set you back £2.99 / $4.49 / €3,99 on November 3.

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