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The developer of Furi is making a co-op RPG

Furi, 2016's stylish hack-and-slash-meets-bullet-hell cult hit, was actually too fast for my ageing hands to manage. Now its developer, The Game Bakers, has revealed its next project, which sounds a little gentler on reflexes: it's a romantic co-op RPG about "everyday love" called Haven. Check out the teaser trailer above.

The game already has a Steam page, which points towards a 2020 release date. It also outlines the premise very briefly: that you play as a pair of lovers who have escaped to a "lost planet". You can play it solo or with a "special someone" in local co-op. The studio has been working on it for two years, and musician Danger is providing the soundtrack.

One screenshot suggests a turn-based combat system where you simultaneously take actions with another player:

Either way, it's deliberately a big departure from Furi, which we gave a mighty 86% back in July 2016. And like all sci-fi games now, it has floating islands for some reason:

Cheers, Gematsu

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