The creepy platformer Limbo is free for a day on Steam

The shadowy platformer Limbo is getting up there in age—it was released in mid-2011—but it's an outstanding game, and the sort of experience that holds up very well despite the passage of years. And for the benefit of those who have missed out on it until now, it's also free for a day on Steam

The giveaway is to celebrate the forthcoming launch of Playdead's next game, Inside, which we took a quick look at last week during E3. It appears as though Inside will be quite a different from Limbo, but its heritage, as we noted at the time, is obvious. 

Limbo is free on Steam “between” June 21-22, which is not a terribly precise measure of how long it will remain available. Probably best not to dawdle.   

Andy Chalk

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