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The creator of Double Hitler is making an RPG called Slasher's Keep

Remember Double Hitler? You should, we called it one of the best free online games on PC. Its creator, indie developer Damian Schloter, is back with something very different to the game that revealed Hitler was actually two children in a large coat. Schloter's next project is a first-person dungeon crawler called Slasher's Keep.

In the tradition of Eye of the Beholder and Legend of Grimrock, Slasher's Keep will have traps and secret doors and orcs to smack until numbers fly out of them. It's also got a sweet cel-shaded cartoon style, and when you sword an orc in the face the word FACE flies out along with those numbers. Plus you can push enemies into spikes or pits or, as the trailer shows, hack through a support beam so that barrels roll down onto the,.

The levels are randomly generated as are the items you'll find, and there's also a crafting system because of course there is. 

Slasher's Keep is coming to Early Access on Steam soon. You can follow Schloter on Twitter for regular updates.

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