The coolest sword ever has been forged, and it's a mod for this VR sword fighting game

Hey, nice sword you've got there. What is it, one long sharp piece of metal? Hm, I guess that's cool. It doesn't turn into a bunch of smaller shards that hover in the air and then reform themselves back into one long, deadly blade at your command, though, huh? You can't turn those shards into a circle of snarling metal teeth and send them spraying into an enemy like a damn flak cannon? You can't enchant it with fire and turn it into a flamethrower, either?

Too bad. Then your sword, nice as it might be, just isn't as cool as the coolest videogame sword ever made, which is called Shatterblade.

Shatterblade is a mod for VR swordplay sim Blade & Sorcery, and it's just straight up the most awesome sword I've ever seen in a game. The sword consists of fifteen shards that, when connected, form a perfectly deadly and cool looking sword. But the magic happens when those shards disconnect, as you can see in this video tutorial from the mod's creator.

First, the shards can separate but still hold the shape of your sword, giving you an extra-long reach due to the gaps between them, perfect for slashing at enemies standing just out of standard melee range. And each of the 15 shards can also be grabbed by the player and used as individual daggers. One particular shard, when grabbed, will transform the weapon into a handgun. How many swords can do that?

The shards can also form a circular shield to block incoming projectiles thrown by your enemies. Better still, you can also turn the shards into a spinning mass of jagged steel and then fire them like a huge cloud of shrapnel. That's just awesome. And all those shards will come flying back and reform into a singular blade again, kinda like in the Iron Man movies where Stark's armor flies to him in pieces and builds itself around him.

You can also add some magic to Shatterblade depending on which spell you've got equipped. When combined with a gravity spell the shards become a gravity cannon. With a fire spell used to heat up the blade, it becomes a legit flamethrower, and a lighting spell can turn Shatterblade into an arc cannon.

There's just so many cool and interesting ways Shatterblade can be used, and they're all immensely fun to watch. And when everyone's dead, your loyal shards will build themselves back into a sword again. That's a damn cool sword. You can find Shatterblade on Nexus Mods.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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