The Chuckle Brothers take out an arms dealer in live-action Hitman

Chuckle Brothers 2

Yesterday I reported on the brilliance of Realm Pictures' live-action Hitman controlled by average Joe handlers over voice comms. In the behind-the-scenes video, Realm said it couldn't wait to show us what it had in store next. What it had in store has exceeded my expectations. I have no clue what plane of reality I'm operating on, nor what hallucinogens Squenix's marketing department has been quaffing, but I have the unique pleasure of presenting you with a video of the Chuckle Brothers taking on a Serbian arms dealer.

The Chuckle Brothers, for baffled non-Brits, are a pair of children's entertainers most famous for the show ChuckleVision which began all the way back in 1987. Here's an episode from the seminal seventh series.

Note that, beyond the slapstick, they have never been known for violence, vengefulness or a thirst for human blood, which makes the sight of a corpse crumpling to the soundtrack of "To me, to me, to me" a deeply surreal experience.

The Chuckle Brothers' Wikipedia page does mention that "while on holiday on the Greek island of Cephalonia, Paul broke his nose and suffered cuts and bruises when he lost control of his motorcycle after suddenly braking to avoid a goat herder and his flock. Instead of helping him, tourists who stopped at the accident shouted the Chuckle Brothers' catchphrase, 'To me, to you.'" This could explain the sudden disregard for human life.