The Builder's Guide to Minecraft is out now


Minecraft is great if you just want to wander around beautifully random procedurally generated worlds, and it’s even better if you want to build, say, a meticulous imagining of Middle-earth. It’s a notoriously complicated game beneath the surface though, so Future Publishing Australia has just launched the debut issue of The Builder’s Guide to Minecraft, a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the gamechanging phenomenon.

On sale now, the first issue is $8.95 and features everything from advanced mining advice, through to how to tackle the game’s subterranean Ender Dragon. Available in all good newsagents as well as Big W and Target, the mag also features collectible posters.

“We’ve lovingly put together this first issue of the Builder’s Guide as huge fans of the game,” editor Paul Taylor said. “Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been building since Notch threw the first block out into the ether, there’s loads of hints, tips and guides to improve your game.”

The Builder’s Guide to Minecraft is out now.


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