The best GTA 5 editor videos so far


Well, it's been a few days: how are PC gamers are doing with Rockstar's GTA 5 editor? Quite well, from the looks of things. They've produced some drama, a few laughs, some really beautiful shots, and since it's GTA there's a good amount of wtf as well. Here's the best of what we've seen so far. Obviously, violence and profanity warnings all around.

This mini documentary by Berdu is fantastic, showing off both the ritzy and seedy sides of Vinewood. Fantastic use of focus and some wonderfully framed shots.

Duggy Duggy presents Don't Ignore the Mime! It's a short film on the perils of not giving street performers the respect they deserve.

A great slice-of-life cinematic video, showing all sorts of people, sights, and activities from Los Santos, in this well-crafted film from Nadeox1. Looks like a great place to visit, doesn't it?

This short piece by vcr is billed as "Just a test", and it is. Still, you can really see the beauty of the game on PC and the raw potential of the editor in less than half a minute. Beautiful.

This short cinematic piece by BJ Produções features some neat helicopter and crane-like shots. Welcome to Los Santos.

Is your garage in GTA 5 Online stocked with beautiful cars yet? RisingJake's is. Take a tour with his film Slick Picks. And no, I don't get the ending either.

A similar garage tour from purplenumberF in a film called Online. Similar, except for the garage's owner, and a somewhat more climactic ending.

Sins of the Past is a short drama about a man with no options left, directed by Danz Newz. With some fantastically framed shots, it really shows what the editor is capable of in the right hands.

The Thief, by Houratroic, showcases the tension leading up to a convenience store robbery. Great use of angles, editing, and music, though I daresay the drama is undercut a wee bit when the titular thief closes his car door and the window abruptly explodes.

Note to soldiers: if a muscular woman plummets from the sky into your army base, she might be up to something. Whoops, too late. Barbara Schwartzburger has arrived, and it looks like she's having fun in this short action movie from melonium.

This recreation of the opening titles from the film Drive by Sir_PhilMcKraken is pretty great. It even includes all the credits. You can compare it to the actual intro, which is here.

From Artimus_Maximus comes a short film chronicling the least effective alien invasion in history. To be fair, the cops arriving to deal with the invasion don't come off so great either.

No music, no jokes, no lengthy intro, just a brutally violent and well-edited scene of Trevor taking on the fuzz in this short action piece from CMDR TAVENNER.

That's a pretty productive week! Keep it up, filmmakers.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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