The best budget PC case is $50 on Newegg today

We've written before about how the NZXT S340 case is the best budget ATX mid-tower case you can buy, and today you can find it for cheaper than it's ever been. Grab one for $50 on Newegg while the sales last.

The above link is for the Matte Black/Blue Steel versions, and that sale lasts until Sunday. Alternatively you can get the Glossy Black Steel version for the same price, but the sale price will only last until tomorrow. Whichever model you get, there's a $15 rebate card you'll need to use to take the price down to $50.

The case has a simple, clean design, and it's well laid out inside, although it might be a tight squeeze if you've got more than two 3.5-inch hard drives to put in there. There's also no 5.25-inch drive bay, so bear that in mind if you need one. There is room for water cooling though, and there's plenty of room for cable management as well.

The price is $20 cheaper than Amazon right now, where the price has never dropped below $60, so it's a great time to jump on this deal if you're thinking of starting a new PC build.

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