The Behemoth's fourth game is a turn-based co-op tactical adventure

The Behemoth's fourth game doesn't have a name, but it does have hexes, co-op, and (seemingly) the narrator from Battleblock Theater, which Chris Thursten liked to the tune of 86% . It's being described by The Behemoth as a "turn-based co-op adventure", though that hardly sells the wit, exuberance and charm apparent in the first, 44-second-long trailer. See the first glimpse of Game 4 after the break, then join me in my seething jealousy of everyone who got to play the game at PAX.

Right, see, that's how you announce a game: not with a two-minute 'live action' bit of nonsense but with a concentrated blast of footage I must have watched at least four times by now. As you can see, there's team customisation, a market, something that looks like a Colosseum, turn-based scrapping, cake-based terrain , and more hexes than you could ever reasonably want. No platforms or dates or anything like that yet, but fingers crossed that Game 4 will be coming to PC. It has to, right?

Tom Sykes

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