The Asus GX700 is an insane-looking watercooled 4K laptop


Has science—and Asus—finally gone too far? Asus has announced the GX700, a gaming laptop with a 4K 17-inch display, a K-series Skylake processor, and an unannounced Nvidia GeForce graphics card. Details are thin right now, but the most interesting part is that it's the world's first laptop with a water cooling system.

That’s right: that bulky thing you can see attached to the laptop in the picture is a heavy base that will contain the pump, radiator, and reservoir. If you connect the laptop to the base you’ll be able to do some overclocking (the K-series Skylake CPUs are unlocked and ready to be overclocked). It’s not quite as portable as you might want from a laptop, but you’ll be able to squeeze every bit of performance out of whatever exact components Asus ends up putting inside.

The GX700 looks like a typically bulky gaming laptop itself, but at least it's detachable and more mobile when not hooked up to the watercooling base station.

When you're doing serious overclocking, especially in the tight confines of a laptop body, pushing air over your components using fans just doesn't cut it. Water cooling systems run tubes of cold water through your PC, taking heat away. Water cooling is quieter and more effective, but you'll be paying more for it.

Check out the GX700 from all angles in The Verge's hands-on video from IFA 2015 below.