The Amazing Spider-Man 2 announced, a film tie-in that features a morality system

Are your hopes up? You might want to lower them a bit. Lower. Lower. A little lower. Too low! ...Lower. Perfect. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been announced! It's a film tie-in sequel to the film tie-in original, which I only learned about five minutes ago. Metacritic tells me that was 'alright', and if this follow-up follows through with its light RPG elements and more detailed Manhattan, we may well be able to upgrade that to 'pretty good I guess'. Teaser trailer after the break.

As revealed on Polygon , the big features of the sequel appear to be the different types of webbing that Peter Parker can...slot into himself, I guess, in addition to a 'Hero or Menace' morality system that will either reward or penalize Spidey depending on how well he meets his crime-busting targets. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be out next year, just before the film hits in May.

Tom Sykes

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