Terraria to become "150% more difficult" with upcoming patch

Terraria - Eye of Cthulhu

Terraria developers Re-Logic are working on a huge update for Terraria. Patch 1.06 plans to rebalance combat and make bosses like The Eater of Worlds even more dangerous. Health potions will be less effective and have longer cooldowns, so you'll no longer be able to chug them down as you wade through Terraria's toughest enemies. Developer Blue writes on the Terraria forums that when 1.06 lands, "most boss battles will be nearly impossible to win without gearing yourself up fully, and planning out the battle beforehand." You find more details and preliminary patch notes below.

The new patch will be the Terraria's biggest yet. "We've even discussed calling it 1.1 because its such a game changing update" writes Blue. "For those of you with high level characters, we suggest starting a completely new character on a completely new world as you will find your run through the game to be more satisfying with all the changes, especially the dungeon area and boss fights."

"Things like the healing system and magic system have had almost complete overhauls. In our current test build, you can't simply just spam heal yourself with potions anymore to win every battle. In fact, most boss battles will be nearly impossible to win without gearing yourself up fully, and planning out the battle beforehand."

"They are bosses after all, and shouldn't be complete pushovers that you can just spam heal and spam attack to win. No longer can you just fight the Eater of Worlds through death after death until he is defeated."

While bosses will be tougher and health potions less useful, regenerating health outside of combat will make exploration more forgiving. Currently, you can only regenerate your health by equipping items or chomping on mushrooms and healing potions. The extra help outside of fights mean you won't have to head all the way back to the surface to recover if you take too much damage.

The Terraria wiki has been keeping track of all the changes patch 1.06 will make and Blue recently tweeted to verify its accuracy. You'll find the list below. There's no release date for the patch just yet. For more on Terraria, check out our favourite in-game creations .

New Additions and Changes

Inventory/GUI improvements:

  • Colored inventory boxes.

  • Loot All and Quick Stack Chest functions.

  • Trash Can which allows you to retrieve the last item thrown away.

  • Items picked up will be placed in the bottom right corner of the inventory first.

  • Lock button which prevents the hotbar from being altered.

  • Four new inventory slots for ammo.

  • Exact health value will be shown above the health bar.

  • All mana items will be blue instead of purple.

  • Health gain text will be green.

  • Right-clicking equippable items will equip them.

  • Shift-clicking items will vendor them (if trading with an NPC) or will otherwise trash them.

  • Ammo consuming weapons placed in the hotbar will now display how much ammo there is remaining.

  • The seven most recently connected servers will now be displayed in the Multiplayer menu.

  • It is no longer possible to drop items through the spaces between boxes in the inventory.

  • Grapple hotkey added.

  • New sounds on some currently quiet enemies/events.

  • Magic and mana system overhauled.

    • The rate of mana regeneration is based on a percentage of your maximum mana.

    • Regeneration rate further varies depending on your current mana (less = slower).

    • Mana regeneration bonuses have been converted to maximum mana bonuses.

  • Healing potion effectiveness reduced and cooldown increased (Potion Sickness debuff which lasts 60 seconds).

  • Life now regenerates automatically. The longer it's been since you've been hit, the faster it regenerates.

  • Damage given and received has a 15% variance. There is also a 4% chance of a critical hit which deals 100% extra damage (player to enemy only).

  • New hairstyles.

  • New dungeon content:

    • Spinning spike-ball trap.

    • Locked Chests which require Keys to open.

    • Increased Spike spawn during world generation.

  • New Night's Edge and Dark Lance sprites.

  • Items sold to NPCs can be bought back for the selling price.

  • Addition and removal of background tiles have now been sped up, as well as 1 tile hole being automatically filled up.

  • New status ailments which provide negative effects to both the player and NPCs:

    • Poisoned

    • On Fire!

    • Cursed

    • Darkness

  • Jungle Armor stats altered:

    • Increases maximum mana

    • increases magic critical strike chance

    • Set bonus: 16% mana usage

  • Necro Armor stats altered:

    • Increases ranged damage

    • Set bonus: 20% chance not to consume ammo

  • Improved flail mechanics.

  • Different weapons will have different damage types. Eventually in later updates, certain damage types may be more/less effective against certain enemies.

  • Cacti no longer cause knock-back.

  • Thorny Bushes will now be destroyed after touching them.

  • The Band of Starpower now adds 20 maximum mana instead of speeding up mana regeneration.

  • Lava Slimes will no longer burst into a pool of lava when killed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Eater of Worlds will be listed as "flees" when the player exits The Corruption instead of being listed as "defeated".[5]

  • Night Owl Potion will gain its intended purpose.[5]

  • Rejuvenation potions will work with the Quick Heal and Quick Mana functions.[5]

  • Dungeons will no longer spawn in the ocean.[5]

  • NPCs who are far from home will no longer "flip out".[5]

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