TERA announces new launch features: Dungeon matcher, more instances, and reputations


The fastest reputation shift I ever experienced was when I accidentally puked on the hottest girl in middle school. I went from neutral to hated in two seconds flat. In most games, that drastic of a shift would've taken months of questing/grinding. But TERA's developers want their action MMO coming out next month to be different. They promised today that their reputation system will feature exciting quests (no deliveries) and won't involve "killing a thousand furbolgs just to go through a tunnel." Another major highlight of today's announcements: an instanced dungeon matcher to help clean up the game's chat channels. Yay!

The different factions you can gain reputation with, like the defenders of the natural world known as the Hyderad Legacy, will have unique rewards as players have come to expect. Rewards will include appearance items such as hats, masks, and new mounts to flaunt around town.

I'm really glad to see more and more MMOs helping players experience their game's content faster and easier courtesy of group-finding tools. TERA is the latest to jump on the bandwagon of convenience, adding an instanced dungeon matcher that "helps you find the right healer, tank, or damage-dealer, gives you significant bonuses (depending on your role) for grouping, and even send you extra rewards when the last boss falls." Sounds good to me, and they're even throwing in five new dungeons before launch.

You can read more about the newly announced features coming to TERA on their new launch features page .