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Ten years after release, Terraria gets Steam Workshop support

terraria skull golf
(Image credit: Re-Logic, modded by darthmorf)

Side-scrolling survival crafter Terraria finally features Steam Workshop support—and there are a bunch of new ways to mod Terraria, ensuring the Workshop's shelves remain well-stocked.

Update 1.4.2 arrived today, bringing in several new ways to mode the base Terraria experience. While more advanced mods have been possible through things like TModLoader, you can now upload your maps directly to the Steam workshop, or import Minecraft-like Resource Packs. These can be used to completely reskin Terraria with custom sprites, import new soundtracks, or introduce fan-led localisations to the game's text.

To get the ball rolling, Re-Logic has highlighted a selection of "Developer's Choice" mods, including two golf courses and some example texture packs. The developer has also put together a lengthy modding guide over on the official Terraria forums, covering everything from mod creation to listing mods on the Steam Workshop.

Of course, Terraria has had a healthy modding scene for some time, and we've collated the greatest in our list of the best Terraria mods. Besides workshop support, the update also includes a laundry list of bug fixes and balance changes.

Earlier this month, Terraria smashed past a lofty 35 million sales record across all platforms. Yes, that includes Stadia, which the game had a particularly rocky journey getting a foothold on.

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